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Sunday, 27 March 2011

5 Characteristics of Quality Leaders

As companies around the world struggle to stay afloat, many are turning to their managers when making the tough decisions. A good manager is used to having to deal with these kinds of problems, but probably not on the same scale. Quality leadership can be hard to come by, but there are some things managers can practice daily at work to ensure that they are better, more effective leaders. What follows is a brief list of some of the characteristics of a quality leader.

Earn the Respect of Others

Good leaders don’t demand respect from others, they earn it through their actions and being consistent with these actions. Only a poor leader would demand respect from his workers through fear and intimidation tactics. The situation we now find ourselves in economically is scary enough; there is no reason to add insult to injury. Part of earning the respect of others is intertwined with other characteristics listed within this article.

Knowledgeable and Capable

A quality leader is both knowledgeable and capable of doing the work he asks of others himself. No one will listen to a supposed leader who has no idea what he is talking about. Good leaders demonstrate their knowledge through action, not words. Those who stand behind good leaders know that he is capable of doing any task that he ask a member of his team to do, because they have seen him roll up his sleeves and do the work himself in the past.


Fairness is a quality that all good leaders possess. They are able to take the facts of a given situation and render a decision based on all necessary information. Good leaders take all sides into account and make a decision that will be most beneficial to all involved. If a punishment is necessary, it is fitting to the transgression.

Excellent Communication Skills

The best leaders can effectively communicate in all forms, whether it is written or verbal. A good says exactly what he means and leaves no wiggle room for interpretation or ambiguity. Directness with employees and team members is an absolute necessity in ensuring the success of a business, and good leaders make sure to be as precise as possible when it comes to communications.

High Expectations

Successful companies are headed up by successful leaders who have high expectations. This is not to say that their expectations are unreasonable by any means, but good leaders know what their people are capable of and expect them to maintain an optimal level of efficiency. This attribute benefits all parties involved and contributes to the success of all as well.

This post was contributed by Holly McCarthy

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