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Friday, 26 October 2012

Distance from Shariah root cause of corruption

KARACHI: Muhammad Saleem Butt, Commissioner of Inland Revenue, has said that corruption had plagued the society and the only root cause behind this situation is distance from the teachings of the Allah Almighty and the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Butt, the translator of “Why we should not take bribe” said that bribery had spread in the society like cancer, adding that this is a spiritual illness that had nothing to do with poverty as corruption existed even in the developed and economically sound countries also.

He was addressing a reception held to pay tributes to him and his daughter Fatima Saleem Butt, editor of “Catastrophe! A ruined life in the aftermath of corruption” organised by the Al-Imdad Welfare Trust on Wednesday in Karachi.

He said that the translated version of Maulana Mohtaram Faheem Usmani’s book “Why we should not take bribe” has been acclaimed internationally and social scientists from across the world had praised his work. “There is a lot of demand of this book from the UAE, India and Europe, even the Saudi government has obtained this book, which is under review before the Religious Ministry of Saudi Arabia,” said Butt.

The civil servant categorically said that charity begins at home and urged the people to observe the teachings of Shariah in letter and spirit.The first edition was an experiment but following its success, he had planned to launch its second international edition, he said.

“Why we should not take bribe” was launched in July. As the book has attained worldwide popularity, therefore, an international edition will be launched immediately after Eidul Azha.

Through the Al-Imdad Welfare Trust, Miss Fatima Saleem Butt, LLB, LLM University of London, a practicing lawyer and also a trustee, introduced her new book “Catastrophe! A ruined life in the aftermath of corruption.” She has researched for the last two years for composing this book.

The Al-Imdad Welfare Trust participated in an international conference on corruption, causes, consequences and control, that was held in October. Participants from 25 countries who attended the conference were given a copy of the book.

They lauded the efforts of the author for writing a book on corruption giving a way forward to combat the ill.The Trust intends to undertake publication of more books in 2013, including Bureaucrats (Past and Present), Crime and Punishment, Alternate Dispute Resolution a Way Forward and Cracks in Family Life in Pakistan.

(The International News / 25 Oct 2012)
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