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Monday, 19 August 2013

Australia:Embrace halal growth

HALAL foods will constitute one-third of the world's marketplace in 10 years, Agribusiness Gippsland director Brian Norwood says.
Mr Norwood, who is also a halal consultant, discussed the topic at a forum in Warragul last week. 
He said exporters need to secure accreditation now to share in the demand. 
“While Australia’s Muslim population numbers are around 500,000, there are much greater Muslim populations to Australia’s north,” Mr Norwood said. 
He was addressing a forum attended by 30 people and organised by Agribusiness Gippsland and Export Gippsland.
Adam Moore, who runs Traralgon-based company, Baby Royale, which supplies Malaysia with organic baby food, also spoke at the forum. 
Mr Moore explained the process of accreditation, saying it was easier than gaining organic certification. 
He said there were many advantages in doing business with Malaysia. 
“There’s a lot of commonality that makes it easy for us,” he said. 
Mr Moore listed some of the positives which included a lack of tariffs due to the recent Free Trade Agreement, the use of English on packaging and a government keen to lift Malaysia to first-world status, such as Singapore, in 10 years.
He suggested companies intending to export foods to do customer surveys to establish what the marketplace was seeking. 
He also stressed the advantages in joining State Government export trade missions.
Agribusiness Gippsland and Baby Royale, were participants in the recent State Government trade mission to south-east Asia.
The next mission in October, will be visiting China. 
(Weekly Times Now / 19 Aug 2013)

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