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Monday, 13 April 2015

AAOIFI and IASB held outreach meeting with international Islamic finance industry

During the outreach meeting, AAOIFI and IASB, the body that develops and issues International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), exhanged views with the international Islamic finance industry on issues relating to application of international accounting standards for Islamic finance. The meeting also discussed issued that Islamic financial institutions might need to address in applying IFRS 9Financial Instrument for their financial reporting, if they are required to adopt the same. IFRS 9 is a standard issued by IASB that deals with, amongst others, classification and measurement of financial assets.
The outreach meeting was attended by over 50 participants, comprising senior representatives of AAOIFI, IASB, central banks and regulatory authorities, national accounting standards boards from a number of countries including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Turkey, in addition to financial experts from Islamic financial institutions, accounting and auditing firms, academics and other Islamic finance industry stakeholders from over 15 countries across the major Islamic finance markets.
Dr. Hamed Hassan Merah, Secretary General of AAOIFI, said "the meeting was extremely helpful in strenghthening cooperation between AAOIFI and the IASB towards better understanding of issues relating to accounting standards for the Islamic finance industry. It also reflected the increasing global role of AAOIFI in all areas pertaining to Islamic finance".
In addition to its role in developing standards for the international Islamic finance industry, AAOIFI is also a member of the IASB's Consultative Group on Shariah-Compliant Instruments and Transactions.
(Zawya / 12 April 2015)
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