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Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Takaful Oman Insurance Company, a full-fledged Islamic insurance provider in the sultanate has launched a comprehensive smart app called Takaful Oman for insurance users across Oman. 
The mobile app brings convenience to all, whether you have an insurance from Takaful Oman or not. Anyone with the app can access information about the nearest hospitals, use the contact and book appointments, and also find the nearest vehicle repair workshops.
The app has an inbuilt database of hundreds of such repair workshops and hospitals spread across Oman. In an attempt to create an app that is beneficial for everyone in Oman, the Takaful Oman smart app is a bold and innovative step into the future.
Speaking on the occasion, Suhai said, “The app will be very useful, and benefit the community. It is wonderful to see the progress being made in the Islamic insurance sector and these innovations sets new benchmarks in the industry.”
Salhi  said, “A unique and helpful initiative, this mobile app will help people at a time of need. We look forward to many such innovations that stand to benefit all individuals with such services in the Takaful sector.”
O G Ravishankar, CFO & general manager of Takaful Oman Insurance said, “The Takaful Oman smart app is a very unique app that intends to serve the Omani community at large. Right from the outset we were clear as a company that we would be very community-oriented and the app is in line with this goal.”
He added, “Even if you are not a Takaful Oman customer, you can download the app and use its various features. The app is particularly helpful in times of emergencies when it can actually direct you to the nearest hospital or vehicle repair workshop.
“Instead of focusing on a business-like app, we tried to focus on the best way in which this innovative application can benefit everyone in Oman. The app will have all the relevant information about Takaful products and in the near future we have plans to add features that will help users purchase the insurance they require, right from the app.
“Takaful Oman smart app is currently available in Arabic and English and can be downloaded from the Android Play Store as well as the iOS App Store.

(Muscat Daily.Com / 15 June 2015)
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(Yahoo News / 15 June 2015)
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