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About Us and Services

About Alfalah Consulting

Alfalah Consulting is an international consulting and training provider specialized in the the areas of Islamic finance, business, management; personal and professional development and motivation.

We are committed to continuously strive to provide world-class consulting and first-class training to our valued clients worldwide.

The Arabic word "alfalah" means "the success"....and it is our mission and motto to help people achieve success in this world and in the hereafter, insya Alllah (God willing).  

Our Vision

To be a preferred consulting and training provider, trusted to provide excellence services for global professionals.

Our Mission

To deliver professional services in our areas of expertise with dedication and highest standard of services that exceed customers' expectation.

Our Motto

Wisdom . Success . Excellence

Our Services

We provide:

A) consulting, advisory and training services in the following areas:

- Islamic Finance
- Islamic Wealth Management
- Islamic Investment
- Business & Management
- Personal & Professional Development
- Motivation

B) Other professional services:

- Translation [English-Malay (Bahasa Melayu)-English] by qualified and certified translators.

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Alfalah Consulting is NOT providing any kind of loan to finance project etc and asking for a fee. If you've received any email claiming to be from Alfalah Consulting, offering loan to you, please ignore it or inform us for further actions. Our official email is If you've received an email from, that's NOT from us. Be cautious!